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Originally Posted by Tardar
I agree with a lot of points but then I disagree with a bunch. It's not contradictory so much as it is counterproductive for the most part. She's one of the handful of caster-like carries (Vayne, Varus) and being reliant on her abilities can be a problem.

Passive: This is probably where I have the biggest complaints since I've been fighting opponents and Valor will go ahead and mark the minion next to me as vulnerable and I'm just like okay. You then have the problem of it doing diddly-squat while Valor as well. But then part of me agrees with it not proc'ing since Valor has so much more AS than Quinn does.

Q: It's slow, true, but then again it also Blinds. I mean, I don't think you're going to be poking with it...? No problem with it as Valor.

W: It does proc an AS bonus when you hit a vulnerable target. Free AS is fine as Valor.

E: Bigger slow, faster leap, make her scoot back half of her range. That'd make it easier for her to keep up.

R: Lower the cooldown. I honestly can't say Valor is gamebreaking enough to warrant a 140 cooldown at rank 1. And I honestly can't say Skyfall is worth a 140 second cooldown either. I also feel like it needs to do more than just give her a finisher and a huge AS steroid since Valor's fighting in melee range and Quinn's pretty squishy.

She could be a lot better if they fixed that "random" element of her passive and made her ultimate have a lower cooldown.
Q: Good for trading/poke (Q+auto) if you have support with hard cc or shield except vs graves or caitlyn.

W: Really nice bonus in aspd, especially when you hit marked unit. Very strong for trading. Combine with something like a phage or BT and good things happen.

E: Very situational skill, but great for setting up ganks and chasing (bypassing minions as well). Slow debuff, but not much usage outside of it. Best used as a tool for setting up ganks, or after you mark with Q, E, then proc with w and trade (strong poke).

R: Strong burst and chasing ability, with some minor downsides. Best used to initiate on half hp champ or as finisher. To initiate just use like 2s before, blow skillset and swap back to normal then proceed to chase. Don't recommend to use as initiate tool on full hp champ unless you have taric, janna, thresh, or sona as support. Also great disengage tool and escaping ganks.

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