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Originally Posted by Kenshiro
I was faced with a similar situation once. Akatsuki Oowashi or Arios... Well, I had to play Arios since its the more fun suit. It has two defensive weapons (the sword and claw dash) as well as the ability to be offensive too. And the mobile suit is fast enough, especially in mode 2.

I use mode 2 as a starting mode. When the enemy is distracted by a team mate, I switch to mode 1 and unload shots at the enemy. Switch back to mode 2 for the mobile armor form when you need to escape or change locations.

I chose Arios based entirely on preference. Oowashi is a one trick pony. Not much style other than reflect beams.
yeah i think arios very fun with its paw paw suvmachinegun

what the best build??