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Default Complete Update Notes - Champions of the Arena

Dragon Nest | News - Complete Update Notes - Champions Of The Arena

(Can't post pictures on phone!)

Prepare for Altera’s toughest challenges yet! Take on other adventurers in the new Coliseum Tournament Mode, fight back the Goddess Althea’s corrupted dreams in the 2nd floor of the Furious Mezzanine, and more in Dragon Nest’s latest update!

Arena Tournament Mode
A little healthy competition never hurt anyone, right? Go 1v1 in Tournament Mode and see how far you can climb!

- Map name: Stormy Arena
- Coliseum Tournament Mode can host up to 16 players.

To see more information, click here.

Furious Mezzanine – 2nd Floor
The Priestesses of Darkness need your help to stop Althea’s corrupted dreams from spilling into reality! The 2nd floor of the Furious Mezzanine is even more sinister than the 1st.

- New deadly enemies wait on the 2nd floor.
- Acquire new Wellspring Items.

To see more information, click here.

Green Dragon Nest (Practice Mode)
Bring your dragon slaying skills up to snuff with Practice Mode for the Green Dragon Nest!

- The entrance to Practice mode is located at the existing entrance of Green Dragon Nest.
- The rewards and entry requirements are the same as those for existing Practice modes.

Heroes Academy
Just starting your adventure in Dragon Nest? Get some help from the Heroes Academy!
- This system automatically puts 100 new players into a guild called the “Hero Academy”.
- This allows new Lv. 1 players to easily share information and make friends.
- Players can leave the Hero Academy Guild, but will not be able to join again.

Dragon Vault Update
Get geared up with new Costumes and items in the Dragon Vault!
- New item available in the Dragon Egg.
- New Storage.
- New Costumes

To see more information, click here.

Bug Fixes:
- “The Immortal Krag” quest from Warrior Trainer Rodrigo now unlocks properly.
- The enhancement tooltip on equipment and weapons have been fixed.
- Players should no longer become stuck when hit after using aerial evasion.
- Resolved an issue with an 8 player guild achievement not appearing for some guilds.
- “Cow Fodder”, “Mewing”, and “Squished” title descriptions have been edited.
- Fixed an inaccurate description for the Cleric’s skill “Aura of Healing”. The description now reads, “Restores the HP of all allies within 4m, including yourself”.
- “Restraint of a Conqueror” accessory names have been changed to “Resistant Conqueror” accessories.
- Fixed a typo in the “Rank S!” and “Rank S, No Problem” achievements.
- An extra set of Sidel and Rose NPCs no longer appear outside of Kasarana’s Cabin when turning in the Tinkerer’s “A Coven United” side quest.
- Resolved an issue with gold and items being lost when attempting a Marketplace purchase with a character that has a full inventory.

System Improvements/Changes:
- Fledgeling bonus has been added in the Green Dragon Nest.
- An entry pass is not needed to enter the Green Dragon Nest (Practice) mode.
- Players must now participate in all rounds of Protect mode in order to earn full PvP EXP.
- Joining/Creating a Guild:
- If players reach max level after joining a guild, the guild will receive Dimensional Keys.
- This is only applicable to the current guild at the time players reach max level.
- Dimensional Keys are given to the Guild Master by mail. When the Guild Master retrieves them, they will go to Guild Storage.
- The amount of Dimensional Keys depends a player’s level when they joined the guild for the first time (Joining Level).
o Lv. 1 – 15 = 319 Dimensional Keys
o Lv. 16 – 32 = 295 Dimensional Keys
o Lv. 33 – 40 = 185 Dimensional Keys
o Lv. 41 – 50 = 115 Dimensional Keys
- All guild members receive a “Hero’s Experience Scroll (50%)” as a one-time reward for joining or creating a guild. It has a 7-day duration period.
- Titles are given as a reward for joining a guild for the first time. They have a 10-day duration.
o (Lv. 1- 15) “New Wind” title

o (Lv. 16-31) “New Blood” title

o (Lv. 32-39) “Starting Out Crescent” title

o (Lv. 40-50) “Starting Out” title

Known Issues:
- “Loin Cloths” currently do not drop, preventing the “Cloth Chaser” title from being unlocked.
- “M:120164” appears in the chat log when the room master switches sides in Tourney mode.
- The “Round Robin” item distribution option for loot does not distributed items evenly.
- The new PvP Tourney mode achievements have not been fully translated.
- Rewards are not distributed correctly when players leave the new Arena mode early.
- Non-interactive enemies appear in all dungeons from time to time.
- The game terminates when clicking on the “Switch Characters” option found in the ESC menu. This occurs on Windows 8 (64-bit) computers.
- “Item cannot currently be purchased. Please visit our website for details” message appears when attempting to purchase the following items from the “Usable” tab in the Dragon Vault:
- Extra Storage (30 slots)