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Damn itttt Riottttttt

WIP guise, Moobeat is otherwise preoccupied! Srs stuff.
SkinSpotlights guy says there's more Karma rework stuff floating around, plus some minor texture changes to the Howling Abyss map.

There might be a little hiccup in their patch deployment. Ququroon had a little something to say about how the games are unplayable.

Ququroon - Associate QA Analyst - Gameplay
IS SHE COMING TONIGHT?!:! We ran into a few issues that caused games to be unplayable, so we figured you guys wouldn't exactly want that. Trust me, I'm with you guys in wanting to see her played as soon as possible.
I did want to get this post up for you guys, because I see you all already taking a peek at her skins and stuff. I know the title is a lying jerkface.
Anyways though! Let's hear it! What do you guys think?
Although there's an update on the next tentative time we can expect to play Karma:
As far as when she'll be playable... I don't want to say tomorrow in case something happens, but... Tomorrow is likely.
Thank you for your (continued) patience. <3

Ququroon continues on to explain why Karma's Fans were added back into the model. Granted, it's only visible during her dance:
I felt this needed it's own post.
Yes, we did add them in, on all her skins. Yes, as some of you have guessed, it is only on her Dance. We wanted to give you guys an homage to the fans, as they were a key element to her in the past.
We did initially remove the fans, as Morello quipped in the Leak thread. We weren't fully prepared for how fond of them some of you were; which is a point we've heard loud and clear, and will be discussing further in-depth for future Relaunches and Visual Upgrades.
Allow me to jump into the fray here for a second. On our champions, especially older ones, we have very iconic elements. Things that when you think of the champion, you can't help but think of. This can go one way or another, either good or bad, weak or strong.
An example of a this that we've looked at in the past would be Annie's panties. Could you argue that it was a core element to her design? Sure. Okay. But was it strong, or a good thing? A little more arguable. Was it something we wanted to keep? How would it look with increased fidelity? How much are players attached? We reviewed this in her case, and removed them. We felt that something like Tibbers was much stronger, more core, and very recognizable in her case, and so we pumped that up to the awesome floppy bear you see today.
The take away here for and from Karma is that we should scrutinize core elements more. This doesn't mean we'll necessarily keep them all, but perhaps if we do wind up in a similar situation, we'll keep some kind of reference in. For the fans, as I said, we added them back in as an homage, for those fond of them. We really wanted to push the Mantle of Decorum, and her Mantra style gameplay. And who knows? Maybe this will open the space for another fan champion to blow us all away?
Does this properly explain our choices, whether you like them or not?
Karma Skin Models

Karma Skin Models
Note that the Traditional Karma skin is available to be bought on the PBE server, but it's not able to be used in gameplay. This is not intentional, so Ququroon says!

The video still has her old voice over, plus her little floaty fans. It's still very incomplete, but at least you get a better idea of how she looks in-game!

Here's a little blurb about, perhaps, a new Karma skin. Jade Empress Karma?

Traditional Karma

Sun Goddess Karma

Sakura Karma

Classic Karma

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