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Default Why, hello there, mentlegen.

I am a pootispenser who lacks sense of logic.

I am a player of Guild Wars 2, Team Fortress 2, Monster Hunter, Final Fantasy (All of 'em), MapleStory, LaTale, and Steam indie games.

I decided to come over to this community, due to how active it is. Also, I may be able to find partners for in-game incursions for these games and more, and info about incoming things

I do not pretend to be a leecher :V I want to participate, get along with them communities, and such. Right now my head is too dozed off to make a proper introduction, let's try...

I'm Kenny, a 19 year old boyo, AND THIS IS JACKA- Ahem. I'm actually studying, and unsecure about my future. Livin' in Spain, and looking forward going to England, US, or Japan.

So, yeah, uh, I guess that enuff. Uh, nice to meet you, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand see you at Pootisland :V