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Originally Posted by VorpalBunny
They could have made this less of an issue if Kerrigan was actually hunted in some of the missions. In WoL, Kerrigan was force targeted by most of your army, and you never see that kind of AI response in the game. I expected to see ravens with seeker missiles wiping out all the lings, advancing siege tanks, thor drops to cut off escapes, and a bunch of stimmed marauders running up to a lone Kerrigan unit caught in the middle of a map suddenly with no backup. Maybe a few teams of airdropped merc marines for good measure. You know, the kind of desperation kill that every player was forced to do in WoL.

That Kerrigan needs the swarm to survive and everyone wants her dead is never really fleshed out in the gameplay either. I expected Kerrigan to be a powerful unit that you really had to fight to keep alive and using. Instead, many of the missions ended up having Kerrigan as a base breaker and the other units at meat shields. There's never that sense of 'oh crap, I'm all alone in the open' that there should be. Even micro'ing out in the open with a lone hero unit in Marine Arena captures that feeling better than the campaign missions.
After reading this I take it you finished the campaign on brutal, and you're right that surgical strikes and playing dirty are at times part of Terran strategy.

When hearing the words from Valerian during the Dominion raid on the Umojan ships "My father will sacrifice any piece on the chessboard to take the queen" I was really looking forward to seeing Terran go All-In and sort of being like the swarm themselves, massive ships and armies using every ability and skill it can muster to eradicate the biggest threat to humanity... or so you'd think.

They should have used the Elite Ai, because it actually does use seeker missles, stimpacks and other abilities in their battles.

Originally Posted by RaineScarlet
My HotS copy is coming on Tuesday.
But from what you're saying, I might have a shit time because I like playing as defensive Terran...
Defensive Terran? You're playing the zerg in this game and defensive missions do exist, but it's all about wiping out life on every planet you see with rush tactics and literal swarming with massive armies.

If you're experienced with the game even a little bit then you'll find the difficulty disappointing and the only challenge would be the mastery achievements if you even care to get them.

Otherwise the story elements and feeling like you're part of the swarm does exist and isn't that bad.

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