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1. How difficult was it taking the closure all in?
I knew the closure was coming for long time and that it was just a matter of time until the game closed. However, I never wanted to believe it. I was on a hiatus for a couple of months before the game closed but I was looking forward to playing it soon a lot. The fact that I didn't go for a last trip around Caballa Island keeps bothering me way too much.

2. Are you playing a new game? If yes, what is it? Feel free to explain more about your new game(s).
Been switching games too rapidly these days. A noteworthy mention would be Skyrim, I guess.

3. With the closure hitting most of the community hard, would you rejoin eTO if it were to re-open?

4. Would you start over, as in lost of everything if eTO were to re-open?
Yes, I used to reroll every summer. On top of that, starting from scratch, not having overpowered leveling equips and a large pile of cash at my disposal would be very interesting and fun compared to the regular rerolls I used to do.

5. Did you felt it wasn't right for eTO to close this early? (This involves knowing that bans, bugs, GameGuard, glitches, and hackers were harming the community.)
Sadly, yes.
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