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Personally, I like ro2. It has a unique way of getting your equips wherein you are required to participate in dungeon raids in order to get your own unique equips since it is char bound. Thus, making the game more enjoyable since it's easy to get a party raid for dungeons, there are approximately not lower than 15 of people waiting outside in every dungeon and that would enhance your skills on how you play your char more effectively for future raids, pvp, war of emperium (guild wars), etc. You know what they say, practice makes perfect.

Also, it excludes the feeling of "I wanna make a dragon but all my equips are for racoons and bunnies only" in short, it limits the experience you gain. Especially if your a person like me who doesn't spend game cash much. No disrespect intended to trickster of course.

Lastly, if you are worried about hacks others players might be using, worry not for anyone who attempts to hex edit the hackshield so that it won't lunch (game's shield, just like trick's gameguard), the player will be disconnected after 5mins of login due to server check.

And one more thing, based on my experience. The game's economy is actually nice, people are friendly and that's the problem... they need villains, for a game is without an antagonist, hehehe.

All of this are just my POV, of course.

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