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1. How difficult was it taking the closure all in? I surprisingly took it much better than I figured I would. I was a bit bummed to find out about it closing but didn't really take it too hard once it closed

2. Are you playing a new game? If yes, what is it? Feel free to explain more about your new game(s). I've been playing pokemon white 2, mainly doing a sandstorm based team right now, but want to experiment with some different ones now. Far as MMOs go, nothing really.

3. With the closure hitting most of the community hard, would you rejoin eTO if it were to re-open? It'd depend on the circumstances, if it were a complete wipe I might have a difficult time doing so. If there was a date they could resume from, I wouldn't have as much trouble.

4. Would you start over, as in lost of everything if eTO were to re-open? I'd have a rough time doing this with me being used to the characters I had.

5. Did you felt it wasn't right for eTO to close this early? (This involves knowing that bans, bugs, GameGuard, glitches, and hackers were harming the community.) Given the circumstances, I can understand why it ended up closing down, there were quite a few big issues detracting from the game. That said, I do wish it could've stayed open longer.
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