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勢力槍擊戰 PvP event.

Date and Time:
12th to 17th of March, 1200 to 2359(+8 GMT)

Use the listed units to do 5 rounds of PvP(any type but not sure on BS/Grid type) within the stated time.

List of units:
鋼彈(磁氣覆膜) Gundam (Magnetic Coating)
鋼彈(槍裝備) Gundam Javalin
鋼彈+B部件 Gundam +B part
全裝甲亞雷克斯 Full Armor Alex
Prototype鋼彈 Prototype Gundam
傑爾古格M (西瑪專用機) Gelgoog Marine (Cima Garahau Custom)
全備型吉翁克 Perfect Zeong
夏亞專用薩克II Zaku II (Char Custom)
夏亞專用茲寇克 Z'Gok (Char Custom)
古夫特裝型 Gouf Custom

12th = Lab research reduce 1 day x 3
13th = 1k exp pack x 5
14th = Level protector x 3
15th = Golden Operator II (7 days)
16th = 5k G
17th = CCM extender x 10
Full participation = 100% OC chip x 1