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Yeah, a tenso Address will work. (this right? Forwarding service connecting overseas customers and Japanese online stores [ ] )
Just use the Address and Phone number they supplied you with. As for the name, Make up a name for your self. Make sure that you can spell it in both kanji and hiragana. While filling out the initial form (only has to be done once), Make sure NOT to Google translated the page.

Little walk through (in Japanese): meow

As for webmoney jp, you can get it from here via paypal:
CN-USA: (Japan) Webmoney Card Overseas Games

(I used it before, along with many other people on jMS forums. There used to be more options, but they don't seem to be available anymore. Any other sources are untested~)

After getting the code, you just Recharge, Hit web money, Enter the code, and hit dat big fancy button.

That's a the quick overview of it.

Its expensive due to the exchange rate, and the Service charge that websites (like the above) charge for using their service.

also Choose what you buy from myshop wisely. Almost ALL equips in myshop are timed.
If something like: 1日 Or 7日 Or 30日, its means its timed. (日 = day [in this context])

Items that are not timed:
Item skins
Certain pets (Not all pets are not timed* make sure to check it before buying)
Pets from Lol-Boxes
Pets from gacha
Pet crystals
fashion items
refine items (powders, anvils, etc)
compound item
about all use items.

Items that are timed:

Pretty much ALL myshop equips (including Face, head, cloak)
Lol-box equips
Gacha equips
some myshop pets

so Be careful about what you buy~.
(I Will refine this later, and will add pictures later)

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