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Originally Posted by rainbows
Idk if you can consider this worse than Myth but a lot of people found a relatively easy exploit to reach level 99, which is much less of a grind than what they would have had to grind. As a result, many of the level 99s had nothing else to aim for and quit.

It makes me wonder A game where leveling up is easy will make its players get bored and quit. Meanwhile, a game where catching up is difficult will turn new players away. What's the best solution? A game where leveling is hard and catching up is easy?

That actually reminds me of how players used to peak at level mid-high 50s. But then there wasn't much incentive after level 60 for the level 60 skill, which was achieved through mindless snow flowers and wolf meat farming.
There wasn't much incentives for anything at lvl 60 back when everyone peaked at lvl 56+. But back when Lunia was at it's prime there was diversity builds for all characters, and there was no cookie cutter. Everyone played their character the way they wanted to play them. A lot of people had the drive to grind their characters because they felt unique with their character, it's TO THEIR STANDARD how they want to play. With myth and rebirth, they simply threw that out of the window.

Myth in general showed that if you can be extremely lucky with item drops, and upgrade your equips to a point where you can breeze through everything, you were considered pro. Where's the skill? Where's the strategy? What's the point of Lunia?

Skill is a broad subject, but in terms of comparing from then to now, you needed a lot of team synergy and knowing how to adjust to every situation. Now party requirements are full Myth set or number of strength or what ever the hell is required now. "Devil-Dom Stage 99999 rebirth 200 required"

/end sarcasm

There's a way to attract new players and keeping the old, Myth wasn't the solution, and rebirth wasn't either. They payed too much attention to newer concepts and content without re-polishing the old. Simply shunned out the PvP community and did jack squat about it.

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