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1. How difficult was it taking the closure all in?
At the first day of noticing, pvp was insanly full like old days and was pretty much fun, actually one of most emotive pvp moments becouse all memebers logged in just to see each other for the news of trickster closure. But when GM_Goldita closed the server and it looked like a common maintenance i felt emotional cuz i knew it was the end and never ever will gonna see my characters and friends playing trickster, it was pretty much hard and emotive though

2. Are you playing a new game? If yes, what is it? Feel free to explain more about your new game(s).

Well i said to my self that i wasnt going to, but yes i am playin Elsword its a lot like Grand Chase only that its not SGI and you dont have to pay a lot amount of cash to get "hax" and in Elsword its practicly free and they have a spanish version which fits 100% for me. Im having fun for the moment but it cant replace the moments of trickster, none game will ever do =(
3. With the closure hitting most of the community hard, would you rejoin eTO if it were to re-open?

Of course i will rejoin to see friends how things will be there and see my character again. It would be amazing to revive those moments by replaying it. No doubt
4. Would you start over, as in lost of everything if eTO were to re-open?

No chance in hell, i wont spend more cash on trickster, even if speaking of my best favorite game ever i wouldnt restart from cero again, but i would go see and chat but not like the old trickster. And it would be very cruel for all of us to start over x(
5. Did you felt it wasn't right for eTO to close this early? (This involves knowing that bans, bugs, GameGuard, glitches, and hackers were harming the community.)

I guess everybody had seen it coming, yea becouse all those issues, and becouse GMs (except GOLDITA ^^) ****ed up things by all those banning and lack of professionality at work letting the hackers harming the community. I personaly felt it was 50% right and 50% not, particulary becouse the management was pretty lame last year, but the amount of cash you have to spend to literally enjoy the game. The 50% wasnt right becouse back old days on 2007 to 2010 it was awesome best experience ever in gaming .