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1. How difficult was it taking the closure all in?
A: I was very sad when I heard about it but I kind of saw that coming, subconsciously, so I was already over it half an hour later...

2. Are you playing a new game? If yes, what is it? Feel free to explain more about your new game(s).
A: Yes. I am playing Talon Ragnarok Online(TalonRO). Similar to TO. A lot of character customization, team play is much more encouraged. Most of my guildmates from Trickster migrated to Ragnarok. I wouldn't say it's a better game. Trickster is really unique and irreplaceable. Both have its pros and cons.
I also play CS:GO. I've been playing counter-strike series for more than 8 years now...

3. With the closure hitting most of the community hard, would you rejoin eTO if it were to re-open?
A: Yes.

4. Would you start over, as in lost of everything if eTO were to re-open?
A: Yes.

5. Did you feel it wasn't right for eTO to close this early? (This involves knowing that bans, bugs, GameGuard, glitches, and hackers were harming the community.)
A: No. There is no way to keep a game alive with bans for no reasons, bugs that are never fixed, GAMEGUARD(This alone could kill any game)

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