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about the English thing~
If you play the game in Google chrome,
Google chrome will ask if you want to "translate the page"
if you say yes, Google will actively translate Japanese text that isn't an image.

pretty much most of the text and dialog gets translated for you :3
but things like the instructions don't translate since its just an image.

from what I've seen, dragon seem to have the "emo" thing going for them. his questions always seem to be "deep" xD
so to gain love points, choose the most emo responce xD

example: what do you like about caballa island?
A:I love the cute toribies in cora beach.
B:hmm, I'm not sure~
C:I wish to check out the deeper meaning of the vanishing island of mirage.

A: would make u lose love points xD
B: is a nuetral. no points lost of gained (turn wasted)
C: gets you a positive response, with dragon going into emotional details about mirage island xD. and you get love points.

but as the game goes on, the decisions get much harder D:

(I think getting one of the guys heart meter to 100% nets you a wallpaper. there are four wallpapers to unlock, and four guys to talk to. so That's what i can assume~)

a warning head of time: google translate doesn't really good at translating japanese xD. you will gets lots of broken looking sentences. and sometimes leftover japanese characters appear if it has no idea wut to do with it~.