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Default Timer's Trickster Story.

Note: This was copied from the eTO forums. I thought I share this at last with UNCENSORED names... Because to me we shouldn't hide any longer, and because those are In-Game names, not our real life names.

*Inserts "Hikari Furu" instrumental on*

Where to begin...

The Beginning:

It all started when my sister was introduced to Trickster Online by a childhood friend of hers. They were into the DOThack phrase where we want to try an MMORPG to pick up the same experience without the mindtrip non-scripted incidents, lol! I easedrop from her back and she was like impatient at the earlier Tutorial. I noticed that she was playing a Fox-girl, and got me to thinking that this game is full of kemonomimi (people with animal ears)... That is when I decide to check the website and I was like "OMG BUNNY GIRLS" and signed up for an account and create my own Bunny. I was in the Pop'n Music phrase, and named her "Minits". I did not log in to much everyday, but I had good progress leveling up my character slowly with only her physical actions and power. After a while, something else came into mind that I had put my game for a half-year hiatus. This was in late 2007, and then now in 2008....

"Forever the Same":

During my return and invited my little Pop'n Music community of friends over, "Hayaka" was ahead of the game and came here for help in the end (irony that it was me that invited them over). One of the most memorable "helping hands" ever was the time the "Lycan Love" event came in each patch release. I got very emotional and touched by it's side-story after I completed Part 3 and handed me the Forever set. I want to use the images so bad because they carry this bonding meaning of friendship... I was a Boxer after the first Poppuri event with my free 25k Pts and spent on... Well... Stuff. (Assistant Knight set, boxer fashion, etc.) I was careless with them because I was excited, lol!

Also, that time is where I made an early-build up for Minit's story as a soul walking in a fake vessel for the whole time until her Guardian awakening.


I dunno if any forum members know this Bunny.... I bumped into this notable Duelist with the Blood set, Gwen1440, the leader of "Tomodachi~" guild. I was like "Oh god it's you again!" and such! She was very nice and such! <3 At midnight, I had trouble with Trickster lag when I was about to fight for my in-game life to get to 3rd job! I have badly-compounded equipment (or not even compounded or with the wrong "required elements"), so Hayaka, StarryKitsume (another Bemani/Pop'n Music friend I invited over), and Gwen1440 helped me lend out powerful Ults and other needed equipment, as well give me the support from the back when I return for round 2 of the Trials the next day! I know the Trials can be easy or difficult depend on the character, but me... I turned it into a challenge! xD But it was amazing, because this is one of the rare moments where I got support from the outside party (AKA the Tomodachi guild)! After I finally graduated as a Duelist (YAY!), I was invited to join Tomodachi as it's official member!

I lvl. until like probably at the 160's-170s' when Gwen1440 was banned for uhh... Something that would hurt the company's reputation.


As I am stuck working on my Bunny without the guild leader present due to her ban, me and a couple of my guildies came upon a random chat filled with the members of {StalkasRUs}, a group of Tricksters that were from the ggFTW Forums. I only lurk the forums until I joined... Though as the only "Tomodacian" for the long-run. I think Settie, Link, and a few others got my interest. They were humorous and can talk safe for our mature age! I think Tairisu (a now ex-member of Tomodachi and I think quit TO for a better life) was the first to got me into that random chat... Anyway, after a huge debate and wanting to join a active guild to keep my gaming motivation going, Amanda (IveGotThePower) kicked me via request and joined Stalkas. I felt very happy and even more happy to engage in GvG!

It was awesome to be around until things starting to happen when the guild leader was banned for an unknown reason... Her absence had hurt the activity of the guild.

The Coordinator of Trickster:

Things get pretty dark when me and Jess wanted to re-host a new guild with one active member being the leader, and it happen to be Settie's side character. The real guild leader was not very happy and blamed me and Settie. I got butthurt, but Settie was hurt the most. We have to disband that dummy guild until one decides to open up "Reborn" while me and the other supporting team in my back decides to open my guild, "*~Mirage Coordinator~*" (it got renamed later to remove the symbols). I do not want to turn this into a real guild war, so after a while and apologies, things got cool and we were like ally guilds.... At least that's how I think or remember. Reborn is an another awesome guild with these "Reborn's Box of Toys" quest-set shop on ggFTW! It was a nice dedicated shop to earn Galder for the required quest items for a Town!

The Golden Witch, Beatrice:

At 2010-2011, I discover another guild that was there for a long time, Dawn. I bumped into this bunny named "LadyxBeato" and I was like "OMG IT'S THE GOLDEN WITCH!" Aside from the guild leader in Reborn for a "When they Cry" fan, Lady was my first Umineko talk-buddy and would chat about characters that would fit the cast! At that time, I had a new make-over with my form (blonde hair with red-blue-yellow theme), that I gave up my "Minits" name and rename to "LadyGaap" in memory of the Lady herself! I made "JessicaUshiromia", my potential to-be-PvP/GvG Champion and inspired by Jessica Ushiromiya of Umineko, mainly the one scene in Epi. 6 of the visual novels. Jessica was at Dawn guild for a long while mostly to be with Hiku and her "student" Lady. xD With LadyGaap, Hiku and Lady, we form the "Duelist Trio" over at the Harkon Protection events!

Swing for your Dreams!:

This is not included, but I thought to share of why I like PangYa and playing that golf game... One of my guild mods, Torikakae uses his free leisure time to play PangYa and I was interested. He was inviting and gifted me Kooh's swimsuit, while another ex-guild leader of mine gifted me Kooh as my gifted primary character! For the whole 2010, we form Stroke games, tournaments, etc. I was able to buy the Kitty Whiskers for cheep, which now cost a million Pang (I think)...

This is no dreamy matter when the guild system was added. That friend bought the kit and named it to our guild... "Without Permission". I was butt-hurt and rant and what-nat which annoys the hell out of him and comparing my behavior to the ex-guild leader of Stalkas... I was being to protective on my guild name.. Seriously. Since I can not earn 200k Pang in a zinch (I was like at Beginner rank), I told him to accept the Kitty Whiskers and he accepted without a thank you.

While PangYa is wonderful, I decide to take a uber-long hiatus to focus on Trickster. Now.. I'm back after I got a better computer and memory so the game it self won't lag or had "memory problems".


Mirage Coordinator was never a great GvG guild, and the members did not want to play. This makes my Bunny pretty desperate to play... I met the Euphoria for a good period of time, using my Diva to aid their team into the game! It was a struggle, but they were all here for fun, and that's what I want! I had good friendship there, but it did not last long that I request to remove my Diva from their guild.. I was to focused on my Duelist that was also the guild leader of her guild...

Gaap the Gapping-Witch:

I forgot the estimate year, but I think it was at 2010 when I made a silly little pink-haired Sheep named "StrawberryHatto" and stalk up on TheCait/Caitzers and joined Firefly for a good while~ Awesome active guild! But I did not get uhh.. Motivated fully when I was welcomed by Astro Blitz when Hatto needed a guild and close to advancement. That guild was like one of the best neutral guilds ever! It's like... The guild that I want Mirage Coordinator to be! I admire the members and the guild leader there~! (We end up stay in contact via Tumblr/MSN/PangYa/ggFTW!)

StrawberryHatto was re-named to LevianSakamoto (inspired by Leviathan of Umineko) and had a background story for her as a weakling witch... But then something sparked me good with Fashion ideas that I finally got to re-named her "Gaap"! For an innocent young girl, she can be a devious with with a demon's mind...

My accomplishment for Gaap was to get her Guardian, "Tap" the Digrim... I never got her to finish Epi. 6, but not weeping much since LadyGaap had already done the story..

The Role-Playing Phrase:

Jumping to almost to the present day... Over 1k Blood seals, owned the best equip so far for some who is not power-hungry, and even concur most boss trials and re-earn my seals from Boss Field events, the huge numbers and accomplishments (especially the episodes) had slowly bore me... I had lost hope for my own guild as many went inactive and... I guess you can say that I am getting tired of being the guild leader in Trickster.

So I have pretty much abandoned that place to take a break and got hooked onto Tumblr. My RL friend got me back into RPing, but then my format was inspired by how the text are simply format in teen novels. (Not those cheesy romance ones... And no I do not read Twilight.) The returned hobby had cut back my Trickster activity sometimes until to the point I did not touch it. My old computer died and had my college friend help build me a new PC with the backed-up files (pictures and videos)! So I lost the old screenshots of Trickster.

By the time I got to Lv. 360, I was afraid to lvl. further because that would mean that I would lost access to Count Blood... And this is why I went inactive for a while.

The End....:

And there we are... The final weeks till today. I did not do much on Trickster. As said on my PangYa section, I got back into that game because time spent there doesn't have to be "long"... Tournaments are the quickest way to level and earn what you need. I would usually stay up for 1-2 games... And I can't stand these "Daily Quest" things, lol. X_x

As much that I really want to Lvl. my Bunny in Trickster, the 300 EXP bonus wasn't motivating enough. I am a bit greedy here, but I want the GMs to set up the maxinun EXP bonus that would increase like 20-EXP per Chaos Tower monster defeat. I am growing old and well... Interests changed. So I did what I can to create my final collage with my characters and the pets I collected so far.

Obviously LadyGaap and JessicaUshiromia are edited, but that's how I see my characters when playing the game.

I had my final resting place.... And now thanks to the final closure, this is the end of my journey... As a Trickster. I will keep an eye on the ggFTW's "Future Content" thread for the New Episodes and then hopefully I will write a fail-fic sequel to LadyGaap and her encounters with Janus again...

This is the end, and while my characters that represent my imaginative thinking are gone, they will still be in my memory and the fanart I was supposed to finish. Plus, I am at PangYa now, as said earlier.

Mirage Coordinator is also disbanded too and been re-named to "Magika" for the "Universal Guild" forums (but so far the only in-game guild it offers is PangYa... Join. I took my 5-10 minutes to make the Kyubey emblem!). It's a refuge for all TO players who want to stay connected with me, so it's more like a club house now....

Anyway, that should conclude my story. I will miss my Bunny now that I will never play her again when I have the urge to.