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Default Thanks for playing

I honestly don't know how to start this, but here goes;

Trickster was always much more than a game to me. Trickster was always like a close friend of mine. Always there when I was super bored, or always there to take me away from an annoying reality. Even helped cheer me up in some cases.

However inside TO was a little world, if you would. So many people from all over, all sharing the same common interest; to play this game. Both pleasurable and negative encounters came from such. I met wonderful people and I've met people I honestly didn't care for.

I've played this game for a total of 6 years. This was the first MMO I have ever played. I remember I just graduated middle school when I was introduced to this game from an oldoldold forum friend.

At first, I thought nothing of it. Gave it a try, made a pure AP Lion whilst my friend made a pure DP Dragon. We had no idea what we were doing, but we had loads of fun while playing. I remember I started to get the hang of things after re-making my character almost 1 billion times. Each time getting to about level 40 and then saying "Oh, I put too much TM into one skill, lets restart!".

Then as a grew up, I started to understand things a lot more easily. I took the time to get to know the characters, actually read up on skills, where to grind, how to make money, etc.. I found myself getting quite addicted to this game. All those days spent looking for parties at Path to Oops wharf, and then doing Caballa quests, moving onto Electric Snails and their quest which got you to 70. Then it was onto Bug Bears, followed by SF3/Tap1 or Techi Field 4 and finally ended at Ice Dungeon. Meeting so many people in-between who'd become daily friends from all the parties and hanging around Megalo.

It was absolutely wonderful logging onto what seemed like an alternate reality for a bit. Someplace I could escape just for a moment. (Don't read too far into this, I'm quite aware of what a game is and what reality is!).

However to cut this short, as I could honestly go on forever, I just want to say thanks. Thank you everyone who I've met, partied with or just sat in Mega talking to. You made this one hell of a game.

And just a few Special thank you(s) to the following;

Rydia/Sandy - I joined Revolution just for the heck of it. Didn't know any of you guys. You were super cheery and easy to talk to. I had a blast being apart of your guild. Truly, thank you for accepting that application!

Zaylia - A guildie. So mellow and easy going. Always helping me out whenever I'd ask. Even 'till the final days of AFKing for me at Tap Spa and Tap Mine. You'll always be that special kinda ugly to me!

xMelinax - I've only just recently met you, sadly. From the time that we've actually spoken though, I can't help but say that you're a pretty well rounded person. Never really have anything bad to say about anyone and you always seem a bit cool-calm-collected. I had a blast at harkon with you.

LostInSpace/Matt - Man where do I even begin! We've been friends since wayyyy back, GanjaTrees! This game wouldn't have been nearly as fun if it weren't for you. Hanging out in Mega or PvP, making fun of Raven or Retardz(ily). However I know I'll see you on LoL, so I'm not too worried!

Coonvict/Randy - The days I spent in >>Forward>> won't be forgotten. It was great befriending you. You're one of the coolest people I've met and I'm glad I joined your guild. However just like Matt, I'll see you on LoL!

See-ya around, guys

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