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Originally Posted by rainbows
Idk if you can consider this worse than Myth but a lot of people found a relatively easy exploit to reach level 99, which is much less of a grind than what they would have had to grind. As a result, many of the level 99s had nothing else to aim for and quit.

It makes me wonder A game where leveling up is easy will make its players get bored and quit. Meanwhile, a game where catching up is difficult will turn new players away. What's the best solution? A game where leveling is hard and catching up is easy?

That actually reminds me of how players used to peak at level mid-high 50s. But then there wasn't much incentive after level 60 for the level 60 skill, which was achieved through mindless snow flowers and wolf meat farming.
Personally I like a good challenge in my games, where effort and patience are rewarded and not handed to you on a silver platter as it was.

Reaching level 40, 50, 60 were major milestones for me and unlocking a new area was a real treat.
Same goes for working on your gear, having a +6 was awesome, having a +7 was amazing but risky.

Every tiny stat, every little thing you did meant something and it was the most satisfying feeling.
If you failed stages all the time, you thought out how to overcome that problem and work hard on attempting to beat it. If something went terribly wrong like an item breaking or awful grade, you felt bad about it and would be more careful to take the risk next time while working on restoring the item.

Unlike the situation now where being overpowered is the norm and everything you do has no value in the short or long term because you wipe everything out in a single hit and there are no consequences.

The only way you can die is not because you weren't being strategic, not using combos properly or unprepared for battle, it's only because of the cheap 1 hit kill deaths that ruins any sense of personal worth and progression.

Many kids these days will argue that being overpowered is fun (It's just an excuse to be lazy), and they don't realize that the appeal of many games is working hard and having to overcome problems by thinking things out and using your brain (gasp!), which was the appeal of many old games; if you're older than 22 then you know exactly what it was like and how it felt to beat a hard NES game like Castlevania and Legend of Zelda as a child.

tl;dr - Lunia honestly feels more like a private server with all the godly power a player is given plus the free funds to further amplify your omnipotence. There is no worth to the little things or sense of accomplishment to anything you do.

Originally Posted by Zloty
Well. Lunia was the game i enjoyed the most. Unique. I'm wondering whether there's still gonna be ggftw lunia forum hold.
The Lunia forum will always be here, there are far more dead forum boards still up after over a year of inactivity.

The only reasons why they're worth keeping would be for SEO improved ratings so you'll see this website somewhere in google's top 10 pages as opposed to top 50 when you look up the game name.

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