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I always come to this thread to receive the latest news, datamine. But oh well, someone already posted on the PAD global facebook page. Here's for you folks who care.

‎[JP] 1 Year Anniversary AND 9M Download Celebration.

1周年&900万DL達成記念イベント | パズル&ドラゴンズ

Following are the details:

1. Free 1 magic stone/day for 12 days, from 2/20 until 3/4
2. Free 200 pal points/day for 12 days, from 2/20 until 3/4
3. Special Dungeons:
a. Legendary Dragon RUSH! Dungeon, from 2/20 until 2/22
b. CD Collaboration Dungeon (Normal & Technical), from 2/23 until 2/25
There'll be CD Gift Dungeon as well. Details below.
c. Survey Dungeon 1 (Mystic Dark Knight), from 2/26 until 2/27
d. Survey Dungeon 2 (Mystic Holy Knight), from 2/28 until 3/1
e. Survey Dungeon 3 (Mystic Stone Knight), from 3/2 until 3/3
4. 24 hour God Fest Rare Gacha. Details TBA.
5. Special 1 Year Anniversary Festival for Weekly Rare Gacha. Details TBA.
6. 2x skill up rate until 3/1
7. 2x King Dora appearance
8. 2x Drop rate for Daily Dungeons (1.5x coin drop for Weekend dungeons)
9. King Dora (include Super Metal King and Ultra Gold King) & Crystals drop in Pal Eggs

「クリスタル・ディフェンダーズ」 夢のコラボレーション第3弾! | パズル&ドラゴンズ

At the same time, CD Collaboration is back.
1. Game collaboration to get Chocobo (No. 446). You'll need to download "Crystal Defenders Plus" from JP iTunes store, and play to clear one stage.
2. Special CD Gift Dungeon, a one round Technical dungeon where you can get "Moogle & Carbuncle" (No. 591). You can only beat it once per day.
3. CD Collab Dungeon (Normal & Technical)
4. CD Rare Gacha will be back.
5. Crystals will drop in Pal Eggs.