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Originally Posted by zgmfx19a
Since I don't really spend as much time on this game anymore, plus it looks like KR will be moving away from the OC system, I'll just post a guide on how OC and OCEX works.

Take note that this guide will only increase your chances of OCing by a significant amount. You'll still need luck, but the luck factor is reduced by a significant lot once you understand how the mechanics behind OC and OCEX works (now you can be Doxx too).

Obviously, the reason I did not reveal this in the past is because the less people who know this, the better it will be for the ones who do. But since I do not really care too much about the game anymore. Also, disclaimer, I am not 100% certain it applies to KR, since I do not have anyone to test it there. But I am pretty certain it works for TW and NA. Then again, it's your choice whether you want to believe what I am typing out here.

Firstly, understand that the OC and OCEX event is determined through a server-wide system. Success is not determined randomly via the player's terminal, but through a fixed pattern defined by the server side.

In the case where lots of players are OCing at the same time, the success of OC may seem random enough. But do it during the wee hours and it becomes obvious that there is a fixed pattern to the success and failure of OC.

And so, the mechanics for OC (I'll set OCEX aside).

1.) OC rates are grouped by the OCs the units are at. For example, all units that are undergoing OC1 -> OC2 will use the same predefined rates from the servers. OC2 -> OC3 will use another set of predefined rates. Obviously, the higher the OC is, the lower the success rate. Also, this means that the ranks of the suits you are OCing will mean jack shit to the success. An OC5 C-rank unit will be reading the same data off the server as compared to an OC5 S-rank unit.

2.) The Koreans are obviously not the most hardworking programmers when it comes to coding. Instead of assigning a random variable which will decide the outcome of the OC attempt, the KR side has decided to code it by assigning a consecutive number of OC passes, followed by a consecutive number of OC failures.

To make it clearer, let the event where an OC attempt passes be o, and let the event where an OC2 attempt fails be x.

And so, the OC rate on the server side for OC2 will hypothetically go something like this: ooooooooxxooooooooxxooooooooxx.......... And so on.

Given enough players who are attempting OC at the same time, the chances of success will seem random enough. But what if you are the only person in the server doing the OC? What if you are doing an OC5->OC6, and the server may set the rates to be somewhere along the lines of ooxxxxxxxxooxxxxxxxx......?

So, the real tip to OCing is to actually prepare lots of suits to OC in advance before you actually do so. I'll recommend at least 10~15 suits per group (10 OC3 suits, for example) before you attempt to OC. If you want, you can prepare some C ranks as sacrificial fodders.

Log onto the server during the dead hours and begin your OC. Start off with the sacrificial lambs, and pray that you fail the OC. After that, keep OCing until you succeed. If you are the only person OCing on the server, you should encounter consecutive successes until you fail once more. That is when you know you should stop OCing. Take note of the number of success, because it should be roughly similar for each cycles, give or take 1 or 2. Once you are familiar with the success and failure cycles, you can even OC without LP chips if you are brave enough to do so for the lower OC group.

If you actually hit success on your first OC attempt, you'll not be able to gauge how far you are into the success portion of the OC cycle, so OC with LP till you fail.

Once you reach the failure portion of the OC cycle, move to another group or just give up for the day. This is especially so for the OC5 and OC6 attempts, because the number of failures are significantly higher than the number of success.

Take note that different server has different success rates. TW's server has pretty shitty rates compared to NA.

For OCEX, it operates on a similar vein to the OC cycles. However, the number of failures before each success is much higher. And contrary to the OC cycles, OCEX will only happen once per cycle, so there is no consecutive success. This explains the reason why you'll never see consecutive OCEX success within a split second away from each other.

As far as I know, there is no definite way of knowing how far into the failure part of the cycle you are in each time you attempt to OCEX. And so, the way to OCEX will take a different approach to how you OC your suits.

Again, it is recommended to prepare at least 10~20 OC6 suits before you start. You can go with just 1 suit if you want, but that will really take a whole lot of luck despite the understanding of how the system works. However, it is not impossible, because I've OCEXed more than thrice successfully in just one go.

There's three tips to go around doing the OCEX.

Firstly, it's obvious that you should not attempt to OCEX shortly after someone gets their OCEX. It will be some time before the failure attempts are used up, so postpone the attempt for later.

Secondly (and most importantly), you'll have to do some research before the EX attempt. Log in during a specific period of time each day (weekdays and weekends separately, because the traffic will be vastly different) and take note of the time difference between each OCEX success. For example, say that you notice there's an average of 1hr difference between each OCEX success during the weekday mornings after stalking the chat for a week. Now with that in mind, continue to play normally during the fixed periods you have set your eyes on. Using the example from above, say an OCEX success was announced on the server at 9am on that day. Now nothing is heard from the server at 10am, and this goes on even till 10.15am. Now it's a good time for you to try spamming the OCEX you've stored up to see if you can snipe off the success chance. Obviously, it will be important for you to have someone else on the server who can inform you if anyone has succeeded before you while you're in the room attempting OCEX.

The extra allowance in the timing is entirely up to your own judgment. You can set 30mins, even an hour. It depends on how much risk you're willing to take.

This also means that contrary to OC, it's better for you to attempt OCEX when there is a steady daily traffic in the server at that particular period of time. You can also try your luck in the wee hours if the OCEX announcement did not pop up for quite a while, though it's best to do some research before hand for that. Personally, for the TW side, I tried the OCEX technique a few times during the x2 event, where there will be a hoard of people attempting to OCEX. The initial cycles at then will be somewhere around 8 sec per success, but that is obviously not the best time to do it. I waited till the success cycle varies to around 1min 30sec per success, then I waited for the chance when there's no success even after the 2 min mark. Got 2 OCEX twice on that day. I've also did the OCEX attempts on the mornings using the same techniques and achieved success as well.

Lastly, it's a lot better to do OCEX attempts as a group. The Taiwanese used to snipe off the OCEX as a clan by going for massive OCEX attempts together at the same time. I've actually seen a screenshot of someone getting 5 consecutive OCEX in a day with the tips mentioned above.

That's all. Happy OCing and OCEXing.
Wow it's work /forum/

I try OC5 -> 6 using this method