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Originally Posted by Prince
From my programming point of view, every gaming company would refuse to pick up TO.
The gaming industry is vast, it's the biggest entertainment industry in the world. It has very high standards. Gamer's want the latest and newest games in the market. No company in their rightful mind would pick a game made in the previous decade. It won't sell. Just hearing that the game was started 6 years ago, will turn down most coders and game developers. That's allot of de-bugging. Also, you noticed how in the last month there were rarely any new players. The game just lost it's appeal to the newer generations of gamer's.
Actually, that's not entirely true. If you are familiar with Dungeon & Fighter, the Taiwanese version of the game was run by Gamania and was shut down after 2 years without an update. Recently, a new company, Garena, has relaunched the game and the CCB begins on the 21st of this month.

I think it is entirely feasible that another company would publish Trickster, the question is, would SGI allow that. I'm sure a reboot of the game would mean a complete server wipe too, not because of the recent gifts from the GM's, which is easily solved by a month long rollback, but because of how messed up the economy was from the various hacking issues and glitch exploits that have taken place within the past few years.

With all of that said, do I think it's likely another company will pick up TO? No, sadly. I think the game will never be coming back to NA. The reason is because, in order for Trickster to succeed this time around, a lot of changes would have to be made to appeal to the NA market.

Changes to updates, changes to speed and method of dealing with glitches, exploits and hacks, game guard would need to be replaced or removed, MyShop would need to be tradeable. In Game updates would need to come faster, something that would be hard to do since even kTO doesn't get many game updates, advertising would have to take place, etc.

I wish someone would pick it up though. Shame to see the game go, too many memories.

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