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From my programming point of view, every gaming company would refuse to pick up TO.
The gaming industry is vast, it's the biggest entertainment industry in the world. It has very high standards. Gamer's want the latest and newest games in the market. No company in their rightful mind would pick a game made in the previous decade. It won't sell. Just hearing that the game was started 6 years ago, will turn down most coders and game developers. That's allot of de-bugging. Also, you noticed how in the last month there were rarely any new players. The game just lost it's appeal to the newer generations of gamer's.

Sadly, I hate to see Trickster end like this. In my eyes, it had allot of potential, but the gaming industry is harsh. We can't control it. I know most veteran players are pissed at the fact that TO is going down. I would to. Some have put allot of time into TO and allot of money. It's like waking up and finding out that your house had burned down while you were sleeping and the insurence doesn't want to cover it. Your left with nothing. All we will have left of TO are screenshots and good memories. That's life, nothing to do but move on and enjoy the last days.