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Originally Posted by Zero
By that logic, it makes little sense for her to even be doing this in the first place. Yeah, the game is closing down. Yeah she offered to do this, she doesn't have to. We get it. However if someone is going to offer a deal like this, I'm personally going to milk it for what it's worth. Albeit the last 10 days, I want it to be a great last 10 days to remember TO. I don't care if you guys "earn" your shit. I don't care if you guys want to play white knight and cry over people "exploting" someones kindness. It's the way the world works. Don't offer if you can't handle what comes with it.

After all, there's only 10 days left.
I think what Valese is trying to say is, GM Goldita is NOT required to send us free items. She did it spontaneously. She did it because she wanted us to have a memorable experience (for those who wanted to be hax, or look smexy).

And I admit, I really wanted more than 15 items, but sometimes you have to think other people as well. You can't just abuse just because she has a power or because the game is closing down. I edited my post 30+ times just so I can fit all I want without exceeding 15 items.

Well, If I were GM Goldita, I'd pretty much do the same thing. Whether the job is easy or not, some people didn't even bother reading the 1st post. Someone even posted 100 items. I'd be really pissed if a lot of people didn't follow directions.

Yes, some of us spent a lot of money in-game. I spent more than $200. It may be a lot less than some people but hey, I'm not complaining. GM Goldita is not the one who should be blamed. She's only working for SGI. She doesn't even handle the money that's circulating around the company.

"Do not do to other what you don't want others to do unto you". I guess this saying somewhat applies here. Goldita was thoughtful to give us our request but some people are just too greedy. It's only fair for her to close the thread and stop giving items.

Maybe she has work to do on other SGI games that's why she gave a limit so it wouldn't be too hard for her.

But I guess you just haven't put yourself in her situation.

Originally Posted by Zero
Also, for the people who spent a dime on the game, we certainly deserve the best enjoyment we can get these last few days. I understand the game was "Free" to play, but any long term player has spent money on this game. So please save that subjective argument.
Originally Posted by Zero
With the amount of money I spent I should own half of the game.
Well, we all know online games are bound to end sooner or later. It's just a question of when. If you spent a lot of money in-game then that's your problem. Don't expect to get anything back when a game closes just because YOU spent so much.

Originally Posted by Nebula
For the letters to santa event that I won, Raven had to physically log into my bunny and gift all the prizes. It took her a good 15 minutes, that was for about 8 items, so imagine 15 minutes a person along with 25 people per pages. That is 6.5 hours work. so have patience and appreciation. This is not to mention consideration for your peers.
Thanks for pointing it out that sending items is not as easy as typing the item name and amount and sending it to the receiver.

She DID say only a maximum of 15 items are allowed. I bet sending those 15 items aren't really that easy either. If 8 items took 15 minutes, then 15 items will take approximately 30 minutes. I would like you to send all those 20, 30, 40, 50, 100-item requests per person and counting and let's see if you won't do the same.

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