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Full amount of items plox
1. 4g5 10x
2. Goddess Shield (4slots)(x2)
3. Gold Tempering Gem x999
4. Chaos feather 230 x999 bank
5. Hp Magic Stone 290 (x200)
6. Hv Magic Stone 290 (x200)
7. Nate bottles (x999) bank
8. Repair Powder (x999)
9. Card Master Raccoon Halo Box 240 (x100)
10. Adamantite x999 bank
11. Amethyst Elixir x999
12 13 Ap/Hp Crest (x200ofeach)
14. Recharge coupon (x999)
15.Hp magic stone 185 (x200)
Thanks A bunch and sorry if it is a lot xD
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