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I wonder if Goldita's wrists will make it this far. Anyway...

Character Name: EleanorNekoi
World: Fantasia
Full Item Name & Amount:

Jacob Slayer Cloak 210 x1
Jacob Slayer Pendant 210 x1
Goldfish 210 x1
Accuracy Crest 200 x100
Health Crest 200 x100
Nate's Bottle x250
AC Hardant 210 x30
Shara's Bottle x30
Kitty Earring 190 x1
Repair Powder x500
White Green Elixir x250
Divine Explorer Zorra 220 x1
Protein Candy x50
Lock Candy x50
Resurrect Scroll x100

Also: A modified version of the game able to be played offline, along with importable character data from my accounts (hey, it can't hurt to ask )