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Daze will become famous soon enoughDaze will become famous soon enough
IGN: MimosaZenia/DiagonAllie
Class: Fox/Sheep/more... to_sheep
Level: 400/400
Guild: Benevolence

Since I cannot get the guild coins, I'll try again. Thank you!

If we can only have items on one character, then please send items for my fox (MimosaZenia).

Character Name: MimosaZenia
World: Jewelia
Star Card No.95 Refine (x500)
Alexandrite (x100)
Adamantite (x100)
Level Up Gift Box (x999)
Fiesta Gift Box C (x50)
Repair Powder (x999)
Nate's Bottle (x500)
Altiverse Crimson Box (x500)
Willie's Stabilizer (x200)
Chaos's Feather 305 (x999)
AC Magic Stone 290 (x200)
HP Magic Stone 290 (x500)
LK Magic Stone 290 (x200)
DA Magic Stone 290 (x200)
5 Star Tears (the box x 500)

Character Name: DiagonAllie
World: Jewelia
Level Up Gift Box (x999)
Chaos's Feather 215 (x999)
Chaos's Feather 230 (x999)
Chaos's Feather 200 (x999)
Repair Powder (x999)
4G1 card (x20)
4G2 card (x20)
4G3 card (x20)
4G4 card (x20)
4G5 card (x20)
Ghost Busted Card (x50)
Earth Charm (x10)
Artisan's Flame (x50)
Magician Dragon Halo 220 (x10)
Powerful Chrome Staff (4 slot, max potential , lvl 13 if possible)

Character Name: Avaranah
World: Jewelia
Warrior Buffalo Box 220 (x100)
Warrior Buffalo Halo 220 (x2)
Level Up Gift Box (x999)
Gold Tempering Gem (x999)
Ancient Earring (x20)
AP Hardant 210 (x20)
AC Hardant 210 (x20)
Shara's Bottle (x40)
AP Magic Stone 200 (x50)
AC Magic Stone 200 (x50)
HP Magic Stone 200 (x50)
Repair Powder (x999)
Powerful Langschwert (4 slot, max potential , lvl 13 if possible)
AC Magic Stone 290 (x50)
Ice witch's broom (x500)