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Well, it was an honor playing the game with the lot of you, every moment i got!
Started Trickster ever since REVO, and still remember the horrible lag time I had back then. Never got to accomplish my goals, but still enjoyed getting over those mini hurdles along the way. Loved playing with my fellow Astronites, made the game more enjoyable and less lonely, and loved you guys for sticking up with Trickster through the years. TO had many flaws and setbacks, but we kept coming at it again and again and again. You just can't forget that first MMO. Right now going through University and stuff, but someday I might just pick up on coding TO or making a smaller version for the heck of it. So do keep an eye out there. I'll keep playing until the very last day, for all these few days left, try and get as many screenies as possible, then I have to move on. Games like TO will come and go but our memories of it will be everlasting.

R.I.P. Astos, Mentus & Norbito , I had lots of fun.