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Primal has a spectacular aura aboutPrimal has a spectacular aura about
IGN: iSavage | Merceless
Class: I'm a Gladiator, 4 Life. to_mercenary
Level: ALvTooLow
Guild: God Of War

Character name: iSavage
World: Jewelia

1. Kitty earring 190 x1
2. Green Dragon Helmet x1
3. Black Dragon Helmet x1
4. Vindicator's Visage x1
5. 4g1 x5
6. 4g4 x5
7. 4g5 x5
8. Powerful Broadsword
9. Artisan's Flames x100 (in bank if possible)
10. Ninja Noxx Mask x1
11. Rainbow Shield
12. Red Evil Horns x1
13. Traditional Bandana x1
14. Hawaiian Glasses x1
15. Amadas Helm x1

IF it's possible get me to level 400 please or 300 at least, even 240 is okay.

Thanks GM_Goldita and thanks Valese {:
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