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Default Dappy wants stuff

Character name: Dapure
World: jewelia world: Ruby Island
Full item name & amount:
Yuri Bike (1)
Super Maid Kana 40 (1)
Star Light 240 (1)
Ruby Shades 130 (1)
Master Sword (1)

White Dragon Helmet (1)
White Angel Hat (1)
Emo Rain Cloud (1)
Azure Wing Shield 180 (1)
Iron Nadia (1)
Nadia's Iron Gun (1)
Drill gun (1)
Mr. Drill's Cone Hat (1)
Traditional Bandana (1)
Megaphones (20)

That should be what I want now XD
(I remembered nostalgia for these things)

Someone give GM_Goldita a raise!

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