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hmm windows 8. I have really no idea what what might be causing the issue o3o
try some of these:
Make sure you got the Password in correct. Its CASE sensitive. Translating the message will change the Case of the password, thus making it incorrect.

Error 651 in Windows 7: A killer for internet connection/VPN | Techie Talkz

VPN Error 619 Explained

and pretty much anything else u can find on google :3

(Btw you're using windows 8's built in vpn right? What threw me off is "I downloaded the VPN". There WAS NO DOWNLOADING involved. You signed up to use a vpn. they gave you a password and log in, which you popped into window's built in VPN program. (emphasis on built in*).)
-if you're using a 3rd party software, then i can't really elp you much x3x

Also that error isn't always relating to ports. so be careful of that o3o.