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kind of surprised I handled the news as well as I did, was kind of bummed about it myself of course but I haven't had too much trouble moving on.

Dark souls seems alright, some issues with it and some of the later areas do look kind of nasty, so I'm skeptical about buying it though it can be fun. It is pretty satisfying to beat a boss you've had a hard time with for example. I don't really mind dying either, so that's not much of a problem.

Camera can be pretty lousy at times and there's an input bug where your character ends up doing a command you inputted a good 4 or so seconds ago after the action doesn't come out originally.

A few areas do have frame rate drops at times, think the game runs at 30 fps and dives down in some of them, hasn't gotten me killed yet though.

I don't really mash the command out either (usually give the character time to respond, if I don't see the action, I press the button again), so that's a rather lame excuse the fan base came up with for a faulty control mechanic in a game that has a focus on precise combat.

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