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Originally Posted by RoflKnife
It's the same as if I just brought up casually in a conversation, "Hey, did you know that X actually has more DPS than Y?" to a person playing a DPS class. You're telling a certain group of people a piece of information that is in 99% of their best interests. You don't have to outright straight up tell people what to do to suggest them to do something.
Yes, you don't have to outright tell people to suggest something. But if his intention was to be greedy as you said he was why would he tell the game developers to make fair payments as one of his key points. He even touches on some of the problems of F2P/DLC that we all know too well.

Originally Posted by RoflKnife
A game doesn't have to change your life to be good, and every game doesn't have to aim to do that. What's wrong with just a genuinely good game? I like games. You like games. I assume we enjoy playing good games. The utopia topic just seems like a way to push in the subtext.
Except all great game series most likely have changed your life in some way, shape or form. Playing a good game can make you fall in love with a new genre of games that you never even though of touching before. It can make you a dedicated fan of a series/developer. An even more basic example is that you played a good game back when you were young and fell in love with gaming because of it.

Originally Posted by RoflKnife
My two brothers have no problem playing with their Wii, 360, DS, or PC at all. If his anecdote is legit, so is mine. And the way he used his anecdote and the way he said it indicates a disapproving tone or one of dislike. Why couldn't he just say what you said then?
The DS and Wii certainly have good games yet a majority of their top selling titles are ones that utilize the new control scheme perfectly. So yes, good games made the consoles sell but the new type of game play by touchscreen and Wii-mote were also a large part of it. It does seem like he has a disapproving view of game pads but that doesn't take away from his main point which is finding new methods to interact with games.