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Originally Posted by Firzin
He didn't advise developers to just release trailers at all. All he did was show statistics from EEDAR regarding how people reacted to demos/trailers. If he was openly telling developers to just release trailers it would be a different story but he didn't even do that. Hell, one of the major points of the presentation was telling developers NOT to screw the players over. Not only that the whole point of showing that graph in the first place was to illustrate that developers should give players goals in a game.

The whole video is about mechanisms that should be looked into for game development. What you're doing is applying what he said to a totally different subject. Granted, the graph may have given developers the idea of just releasing trailers but that does not mean he was endorsing it at all.
It's the same as if I just brought up casually in a conversation, "Hey, did you know that X actually has more DPS than Y?" to a person playing a DPS class. You're telling a certain group of people a piece of information that is in 99% of their best interests. You don't have to outright straight up tell people what to do to suggest them to do something.

Originally Posted by Firzin
You just took one sentence out of what was a whole monologue out of context. Right after that sentence was to tell developers to make games that makes people drawn into it and consider life changing;all that Utopia stuff he was spouting out. It's the same way how many of the movies considered good nowadays give people new viewpoints on various issues in the world.
A game doesn't have to change your life to be good, and every game doesn't have to aim to do that. What's wrong with just a genuinely good game? I like games. You like games. I assume we enjoy playing good games. The utopia topic just seems like a way to push in the subtext.

Originally Posted by Firzin
"The world is changing, we need more magical interfaces."

Another way to look at that is just saying that the new generation of gamers want more ways to interact with games.
My two brothers have no problem playing with their Wii, 360, DS, or PC at all. If his anecdote is legit, so is mine. And the way he used his anecdote and the way he said it indicates a disapproving tone or one of dislike. Why couldn't he just say what you said then?