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Hello everyone. Please stay on topic. If you believe the game is beyond saving then please keep it to yourself and do not post.

To all the RoM supporters, thank you for being here. I would like to assure you all that we still have a lot of plans to push forwards and though I have been busy lately, I will still try to move forward with these plans as quickly as possibly.

So at this time we would like to start our mail and email campaign. Here's a direct quote from our Facebook page describing the event

Good morning everyone! Happy Chinese New Year!

Sorry I haven't written much lately. Sadly I have been busy with classes but that doesn't mean plans for Rebirth of Memories aren't constantly worked on. This week we will begin phase 2 to coincide with Valentine's day.

Everyone ready to write some love letters? The objective of phase 2 is to start contacting the publishers. Either write a letter or email some of your favorite publishers and tell them how much you would love them to try and pick up Trickster Online. We at Project: RoM will also be sending your signatures up to them as well.

So dust off your pen and write! If you need a list of publishers and their addresses/email or a letter template to get you started, check back in a few days and we should have some ready for you.

Have fun everyone!
So get ready your letters for the end of the week and we'll give you a list of publishers to send them out to in a few days!