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Default Disturbing video game industry speech

So this was rather offputting to me. If anyone on this site has any love for video games at all, which I assume you all do since you're here, then take a look at the video. At a video game conference, his speech consisted of:

Advising developers to release only trailers, and no demos of their games and putting out a demo with or without a trailer about halves your sales:
What the hell? Does anyone else see how ****ed up this is? Perhaps it's because people found the game wasn't very good? Doesn't it strike anyone as scummish, greedy, and bullshit to be purposely trying to sell their product by releasing as little information ad possible about it? What the hell? Jesus all mighty...and god forbid that a good game with a good demo doesn't convince people to buy the game, eh?

"It's not enough to make a good game anymore":
I'm speechless by this. This is absurd. As absurd as, "It's not enough to make a good movie anymore, it's not enough to make a TV anymore, it's not enough to make a good bed anymore, it's not enough to make a good house anymore..." etc. What kind of bullshit...

A magical interface is needed:
His daughter example with the old fashioned controller and the camera interface made me cringe. Look here, the PS Move and the Kinect was a joke, sure they were cool while being developed and are a neat idea, but no one really gives a shit because they aren't perfect, and most importantly, their games suck. Oh, the Wii, the 3DS, the NDS sold well? It certainly wasn't also because they had good games. Nope. No way. It's never the quality of the games, the dev is never at fault.

God damn.

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