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Originally Posted by FonSpark
Thank you guys for the comments, I got both units (and made Unicorn NTD). So we can focus on the performance aspect. I played around 20 Deathmatches using XIV, and 20 using Unicorn.

Long range weapon:
- GN XIV has a slight delay when shooting with w3, but it's separated from regular beam rifle, so I can freely spam w3, and combo with w2.
- Unicorn has smooth w2, but I almost never feel its damage at all. I see some pros always fire, in mid range, w3 zook then w2 magnum, but atm that level of accuracy is too hard for me @.@

Imo GN XIV > Unicorn at this: beam spec > melee spec, not to mention easy score with SP Awakening skill part.

They both have regular sword but GN XIV has slightly better range. I can easily ZBS with it too (ZBS using Unicorn always fail me...)

Idk, I may slap a few Agi pts to Unicorn, or just stick with GN XIV.
Wow I can't believe people would prefer GN-X IV over Unicorn and yeah, I'm not very fond of Unicorn's melee either.