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Hey there this is iSavage, Merceless and Farticus (I'm sure you remember me :P). Sorry for bumping into this thread, I saw Val's comment in the "Farewell Tricksters" thread.
I know over the years we've had our issues and I might have said things that I didn't actually mean, it was just the moment. Anyway I'm a people's person and believe it or not I will miss every one of you, friends and enemies. I believe in the end since we were all older you just saw it as pure fun (the KOs thing), as I did.
I'd like to thank all of you whom I've met and I'd like, if possible, to add you here, msn or something just to know that you're there and you haven't completely disappeared from my life. I probably shouldn't care and you probably don't know this side of me but I'm a people's person and I don't like losing people in any sort of way.
If you'd like to keep my contact you can add me here or just PM me, or leave a response in this thread and I'll give you my msn or facebook if you are willing.

Thanks for these amazing years.

We're all animals...
...Sometimes we just forget it...