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Tetra will become famous soon enough

oh it came with copy-pasta but i was just lazy

567~568: Greek God of War Ares.
- Ability: Heal and Water Orbs both become Fire
- Leader (567) - 2x Attack for Fire
- Leader (568) - Blessing of the War God: 2x Attack and health for Fire

571~572: Greek Goddress of Hunt Artemis
- Ability: Heal and Fire Orbs both become Wood Orbs
- Leader (571) - 2x Attack for Wood
- Leader (572) - Blessing of the Huntress God: 2x Attack and Health for Wood Monsters

576: Greek Goddess of Hell Persephone
- Ability: Heal and Light Orbs both become Dark Orbs
- Leader (576) Soul of Darkness - 1.5x Health, Attack, and RCU for Dark Monsters.