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I'm using windows fireware (built in) as my firewall. it isnt turned off~.
All that I can say for your issues, is try another internet source. As a said in an earlier post, The source of your internet Can Have a LARGE impact on how you perform.
(try like a mcdonalds or something with free wifi, and see if there is a difference in stability.)

to stably connect to a vpn/TO, you Don't a high speed Internet, you Need a Very steady and consistance connection.

my VPN appears to run Faster at my school, but it seems to loose a bit of stability because the the massive amount of people accessing the network at the same time.

While at home, although it doesn't run AS fast, it can remain connected for long periods of time.

edit: depending on the time of day at my school (certain parts have more users on at once), my connection speed varies.

The more people, the less stable and speed I get. The less people, the more stability and speed i get.

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