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Originally Posted by NiBo
I found a private TO server (which was region locked), and a guide explaining how to make a private server, with download links, but it was 2~3 years ago, I did check this server's site and it doesn't exist anymore, and the download links on that guide didn't work, either (even when I found them they didn't work).
I think it's all about luck, finding the files to make one and/or finding a private server. RO and WoW have a ton of fans, it's easier for someone to find ways to make a private server when there are a lot of people interested in it.
I understand.... Would just be easier on the programming side - a 2D game too - but now I see even if myself establish it, would not be quite possible to afford, unless we bring back many old players, back from the dead... And donations and stuff to rent a server... Kind of Utopia...

Most of the game " quits " , mine included, were because of random banishments and issues inside the game infrastucture - which the company holds the guilt... Well let's just wait and see what will happen. Hopefully, another one will buy the game's rights and provide solutions for all problems that led all that chaos. Despite all the money I have spent, if someone bring a new TO, starting all over again, I would play without any problem...

Edit: Just one more thing, for those who are not undestanding why we ol' players that had many complaints on the game are here - if we complain about a problem, point an issue and yell about it (on the game) it is because we cared about it.

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