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That'll be nice :3
The more testers, the more optimized we can get this running :3
(btw there are other VPN's you can also connect too. this is only one of many)

atm I am running trickster online smoothly with tsunagarumon VPN~
processor i7
4gb ram
Killer-N 1102 (factory modified intel wireless card)

OS = Windows 7 64bit
Antivirus: Microsoft security essentials. (turned on)
Browser: google chrome
VPN software: windows 7 built-in
VPN: Tsunagarumon
(vpn settings: connection > properties > file/printer sharing + client for microsoft networks are Both turned off)
Leatrix_latency_fix_3.00 is being used

My current region: USA northwest
home: comcast service + dlink router.
University: unknown.

Edit: hmm try also turning off internet protocol version 6 (tcp/ipv6) (in vpn settings)
turning it off seems to have positive effects for me~

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