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Originally Posted by Kanoka
Operating system? (say if 64bit) W7 Ult. 64-bit

antivirus? I suppose I'll shut that off whilst I'm on :'p

background programs? (Especially anything that uses networking) I'll check

Lots of antiviruses like interfering with VPNs~ and skype make my connection unstable. Alright, I'll turn that off

Some of my friends say to try a program called "Gamebooster". Try at your own digression. I've used it before, it's eh

Random note:
Seems like network setup's effect performance a lot.
I'll try out a bunch of stuff, I just want everyone to have access to an awesome and stable connection by the time that eTO closes.

Thanks so much for this guide, by the way, I shall continue being the guinea pig for testing this VPN service :'p