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Operating system? (say if 64bit)
background programs? (Especially anything that uses networking)

Lots of antiviruses like interfering with VPNs~ and skype make my connection unstable.

Some of my friends say to try a program called "Gamebooster". Try at your own digression.

Random note:
Seems like network setup's effect performance a lot.

At my house:
eTO runs buttery smooth. Can spam potions.
jTO runs Very well. can spam potions. not as fast as eTO.
tTO runs VERY laggy. I can barely walk for 3 seconds without stopping.

At my school:
eTO runs like [insert Bad word here]
jTO runs Very very good (Better than at home)
tTO runs great. (Not as good as jTO, but MUCH better than at home.)

My houses set up is pretty much a comcast setup + dlink router.

I have no idea how my schools infrastructural is setup.