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I didn't know about Trickster closing until my brother told me about it yesterday. I've played this game since Closed Beta and man was i really addicted to it then. I stopped playing around my Sophomore or Junior year (With the occasional checking how things were but leaving after 5 mins or so) and I have some very precious memories of this game. Personally, it makes me sad to see this game go since this was my first real MMORPG i seriously took but as everyone says all games must come to a close someday. I'm glad i was able to meet all of my Guildies and still kinda talk with them now via Guild Forums even though they don't play anymore. Still, i wish i had pictures of us as a guild but it looks like that will only be a memory for me Well, it was nice seeing you guys ingame even though i never made direct contact with you (Maybe you knew me maybe you didn't) but regardless i had a blast playing with my fellow Tricksters. Until then, Good luck in the future!