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Originally Posted by Kanoka
I think for trickster save your use details, you must successfully log out. so if you can log in, set the user information then log out, it should save~
(abrupt D/C's make u lose the unsaved user data)

Also for the vpn, try turning off file/printer sharing + client for microsoft networks, and see if that does anything.

When I First used the vpn is used to D/c alot. but after tinkering with it a bit, I got it work a while lot stabler. (I was able to Leave it over night without any d/cs for 2 days)
Alright, I'll test the method of turning off sharing in a bit

EDIT: it worked for a bit longer, but after a while, it logs me out and then after entering the same log-in info, it tells me that the log-in data was not recognized.

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