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Smile A visit to japanese Trickster~ にほんのトリックスターでバケーション

NOTE: Information of this first post will be edited freely in case of new/corrected information.
I made a video About jTO. (and paula). Go see it :3
(More (easier to use) Free Vpn Added. See new sections added to guide and Appendix. (3/16/2013))
(I Added more Methods and troubleshooting. Please see the appendix (2/27/2013))


some information can be found here: /forum/trickster-online-general-chat/120679-operation-visit-jto.html

We are like guest/tourist visiting japan. Please be sure to behave according, and appropriately.

Please do no come to JTO if:

you just because you want to play Trickster.
(you could easily visit tTO for such a thing)

you have Wishes to Cause Chaos

Your first plan is to blurt out "I'M PLAYING JTO FROM [insert non-japanese place here]"

Differences in jTO:
2nd job requirements is lvl60 tm50 (like in tTO and kTO)

You can type in English characters, Hiragana characters, Katakana characters, and Kanji characters. (read Kale15's Disclaimer)

There are more events. (myshop and ingame)
-Ingame event equips are ALOT stronger than that which is seen in eTO
-Some of the ingame event equips were actually used as egg-shop/myshop in eTO.(ie: dinosaur shirt)

Its in japanese (yeahhhhhhhh.... didn't see that one coming, right?)

No more Recycle robot and Alan(tempering guy),
Fusion expert Arlene Pretty much absorbed BOTH of their functions. (talk to her if you need to temper/recycle/fuse stuff)

more updates from kTO implemented

"Account Lock" to prevent malicious users from doing bad stuff to your account.

Most myshop items are timed. (so don't expect most things to be perma like in eTO)

Altiverse forging % is now 50% in jTO. Using a willies stabilizer does NOT make it 100%. So be warned~

Some important information from kale15:
Let's see, only use English in private chat (whispers, guild, PMs) you can be banned for spamming by speaking English in all/public(not for just having a non-japan IP like timer is saying). As for the game itself, knowing the options menu would be really helpful as the large number of voice pets gets annoying, 2nd job is 60/50 not 50/40 like on eTO, no free ducky set. I can't think of anything else off the top of my head.
Recommended World: Fantasia

Words of warning from SnowBerry:

Sorry but I highly do not recommend doing anything to bypass and getting into jTO. Why? It's region locked for a reason, you could get in serious trouble. Some people would even go out of their way to report you.

Even if you did managed to find a way, this could put you guys on high alert. I'm pretty sure a few people are gonna blurt out "I'm playing jTO in the US(or somewhere besides Japan)" or something around those lines and cause a whole road of chao.

Just my warning, I am not your hands or brain so it's up to you to decide what to do.
my guide will be Separated devided into sections For easier navigation:


Typing in Japanese:

Making a Japanese Trickster account:

Now I have two Methods of installing jTO and a VPN so that It will work:
(I got more Methods and troubleshooting added. Please see the appendix (2/27/2013))

There is a Easy method: (Tested on windows 7)
  • Tested working on a windows 7 PC and a Laptop.
  • antivirus:Microsoft security essentials.
  • Computer and laptop specs: more than enough to play trickster.
  • Vpn Sofware used: Used built in networking for VPN

There is a HARD method: (Tested on Windows 7 and Mac os 10.8)
  • Tested working on the same PC's above and a Macbook pro (i5 model)
  • Antivirus: PC: microsoft security essentials. Mac: No antivirus
  • VPN software: Anything that connects to PPTP type VPN's (used windows and mac built in)
  • Extra software: PC: vmware player MAC: Vmware fusion
  • Specifications: Strong enough to run and extra windows xp and trickster. (pretty high)
  • note: Should work with linux (use vmware player for linux. any one want to try?)

I will list the Easy method first. Then the Hard method will be posted afterwards.

Continued in next post.....

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