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Originally Posted by LigerTooth
After reading what you posted I'd like to say this, not that it's going to get my posted re-posted but just for precedence.

1."Please don't insult, degrade, flame, or otherwise intentionally seek to offend other members."
The fourm does not clearly define what it means to insult, degrade, flame, or offend anyone. So where it says that pointing out flaws in logic is against the rules is beyond me. In that respect, the posts should not have been deleted.

2."If you post screenshots from game conversations and the screenshot has the potential to offend please censor the names.
This includes posting “hacker”, “scammer”, or other “blacklist” accusations without solid proof. "
So the screenshots with my name in it calling me a scammer should be taken down because those are accusations without solid proof. Yes, he has a picture of me in a trade, but you don't know what happened, you don't know if I sent him don't see my side of the trade. I was offended when being called a scammer without the person who is making these accusations won't even post on the thread. So where's the action in that, I sense a bias which is unfair from the start.

3. "Instigation of fights will also meet with administrative action."
Well me being called a scammer is what instigated this whole ordeal, so again, no administrative action.
Any and all courses of action that have been taken are completely up to staff discretion. And since you decided to pursue this further, I'm going to go ahead and define each little thing for you.

1. A forum user can be reported for this if in any situation another user feels offended, degraded, flamed, insulted, or otherwise. This does not necessarily mean that any action is going to be taken. This is up to staff discretion. That means that if we deem the reported post as a viable report and find that what they're saying is actually offensive, we'll go ahead and throw a warning your way first, followed by an infraction on the next instance. If we see the report and find that it's not actually that offensive and maybe it was only reported in frustration with that person, then no course of action will be taken mostly likely.

However, we do also have infractions for "False Reporting", so please be wary. Additionally, as we navigate the forums, if we see things that are inappropriate but have yet to be reported we'll take action as we see fit to make the situation appropriate again. We've got a pretty decent eye for what's right and what's wrong for the ggFTW forum, that's why staffers with mod capabilities HAVE said capabilities. They're trusted to make unbiased decisions, and when they no longer feel that they can make an unbiased decision, they pass it along to another team member, normally someone higher on the ladder.

Now, I've looked at the posts that were deleted and I'm going to tell you this: You were being rude and inappropriate in a public setting. Additionally, you guys were beginning to go off topic, and publicly have a conversation which would have been far more appropriate in a private message. The posts will not be brought back, and that is the end of it. If you still feel that you've been wronged, please feel free to PM me.

2. Screenshots are down, this is irrelevant.

3. Other users felt wronged by you, and this is the thread to discuss that. I'm not going to get into who is right and who is wrong, but you shouldn't have even gotten yourself into a situation where you could wind up being a topic of discussion in this thread.

This does not warrant a public response from you, if you'd like to discuss it please send me a private message.

Originally Posted by kite384
one last post b4 im out

SkyFall/BuletsInYourHead/LittleBigFox was a good guy in our guild(he was in our guild for almost a half year or so he was holding my most hax weapons b4 and gave it back) (i experienced you have been rude alot in jewelia im not the only one who thinks this) obviously i trust SkyFall more then you after what you did


you dropped his sword lvl 13 refined 1,7kAP base 99HV Base we all know thats expensive no one normal would drop something like that (unless its your own equiep then its up to you what you do with it but it wasnt yours)

and that was very wrong

ok im out people can make there own picture of this
It's done, discussion over.

Originally Posted by LigerTooth
I'm gonna make this one short and sweet because it's too easy.

1.I dont care about your personal opinions on me, or him. I have friends too that would say I am the most trustworthy person you'd meet. So what you say is invalid.

2. I dropped it because I used MY items on it and he did not want to go through with the deal. If he didn't pick it up, that's not my concern. I stand firm with what I did, you know he's probably going to get it back anyway, and I'm not going to get my 4g5, so he scammed me.
It's done, discussion over.

If you two would like to continue discussing this, please take it to private message. This does not warrant a public response from either of you. If you feel that what I've said here has wronged you in some way, then let me know via private message and I'm sure we can work something out. I'm not going to hand out any infractions, but please consider this your warning.