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Originally Posted by Ryrk
I don't suppose my characters transferred over from ijji?

Cause it would be kinda nice
I guess

Also what's new about the game? Please don't tell me they made something worse than Myth.
And rebirths.
Rebirth was such a bad idea.

also hi if anyone remembers me
Idk if you can consider this worse than Myth but a lot of people found a relatively easy exploit to reach level 99, which is much less of a grind than what they would have had to grind. As a result, many of the level 99s had nothing else to aim for and quit.

It makes me wonder A game where leveling up is easy will make its players get bored and quit. Meanwhile, a game where catching up is difficult will turn new players away. What's the best solution? A game where leveling is hard and catching up is easy?

That actually reminds me of how players used to peak at level mid-high 50s. But then there wasn't much incentive after level 60 for the level 60 skill, which was achieved through mindless snow flowers and wolf meat farming.