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Balcony is on a distinguished road

Originally Posted by Valese
I know you're a nice person and all Shan, but let THEM talk. Don't talk for them. If Chris (LigerTooth) is saying the Skype logs are wrong, then let him /screenshot/ his logs and show them here /himself/.

Taking a sword that's not his then dropping it is immature and irresponsible. Balcony not giving back the sword but giving it away because he "got bored" is even more stupid.

That's not being "little idiots at times", that's what we call scamming a person.

So alright, TO is gonna shut down in 27 days. Let's all go ahead and scam each other, because we're gonna lose the items anyway. Sorry but I think these last days show the true color of people. Instead of coming here to tell us they aren't scammers, tell your friends to either stick up for themselves with hard proof, or give back the sword. The guy still spent real money on it before the announcement was made.

There's NO excuse for any kind of scam, whether the game is dying or not.

Fine with me, I'll talk for myself.

Here's how it went down:

1) Liger was selling a compounding service
2) SkyFalll requested it, with a 4g5 for payment as it
3) He did it, got it all higher, he wouldn't give him the 4g5
4) I went over there to be like WWHAAAATTTUPPP SSSPPPERRRGGSSS
5) Chris dropped the sword
6) I picked up the sword
7) I requested the 4g5, wouldnt give me it wasted my time and bored me
8) Over time I just said **** it I'll sell it to someone who will give it back
9) Sold it to Rudye, they said they'd give it back to them.
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18) This is # 18
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22) Number 22 is very beautiful.

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