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My pleasure, also i read some customer reviews on the website i linked you to and if you really want to buy one you need to check the legislation in your state cause it's either required to follow a course to use them or no restriction.

A quick google search should set you safe, though taking a course doesn't sound that bad.
Roger. I'll make sure to look into it then!

Carrying weapons... I don't know about that. It could end up not being in your favour but that's your choice.

If you have that feeling again, or for some reason that person runs into you again, immediately go to the librarian or someone else and say that you feel uncomfortable and feel that you're being followed. Although they may not take it all that seriously, they will be more wary.
Also, try sitting in a more crowded place, or at least a place with a few other people.

And also, if you're going to call or text someone, contact someone that can come and find you. Even if they aren't a close friend, they can find someway to help.

Or you could get a rape whistle.
I'm usually very passive when it comes to weapons, but I think if I just have it, it'd be better than nothing. The sort of 'just-in-case' situation.

I recently also went back to the library. The same librarian who helped me was there and I sat in view of the front desk and the person in charge. She made it clear to me that if I needed helped, to run to her as fast as I could.

You can use some of her moves.
Sandra Bullock is da perfectest woman amg. "Wittle Ewic needs an apwase!"
But that first heel-to-nose uppercut, lol.

Amg that "S.I.N.G".

You're mainland for schooling, right? I assume University?

Program the Campus Police number into your phone - or the local authorities if it's like a personal housing I-don't-know situation. It's a precaution most don't take ("It can't happen to me" mentality), but especially if you're far from home (I went to a College where my mom worked, and my aunt worked, and my other aunt lived in town) you WANT those numbers.
Yep, UC, whoopwhoop.

I've never thought about those sorts of numbers before, especially my campus's school police o: I'll have to get those then.

Thank you so much!